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Powerful: refrigeration by compressor


Compact, pratical and offering a wide range to choose from, the cabinets are well insulated and combined with the reliability of the new Danfoss compressor BD35F 12/24 V. Danfoss is a market leader in refrigeration and assures you a reduced current absorption, perfect work together with low noise. That gives you a product that is extremely well put together giving good performance and low battery consumption.


Professional Components           Powered by Danfoss BD35F


Refrigerators with compressor guarantee the most powerful and durable refrigeration which exists in the mobile sector. These systems of refrigeration work with a cooling (of course without CFC -chlorine-fluorine-carbides-) whose circuit is activated by a compressor.

  • automatic adaption at the requests of power of each evaporator

  • reduced consumptions lessened thanks to one elevated efficiency, the smallest and lightest of the previous model

  • operation without vibration, particularly quiet and silent

  • possibility of connection to 12/24 volt thanks a rectifier of a favorable price

  • unlimited lifespan thanks to the type of construction entirely hermetic

  • insensitive to the slanted positions

  • Overloading protection integrated

  • electronical irreversibility

  • no-voltage break switch integrated with points of cuts programmable
    (for feeding and/or starting battery)

  • equipped of antijamming protection in compliance to directives EU


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