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Providing Solar Powered Solutions for Users All Over the World

SOLAR POWER for Portable Devices

Sun Catcher solar charging systems provide enough power to run and recharge a portable device (portable computers, satellite phones, digital cameras, etc.) for months on end.

These products have been brought to market to fulfill the need for a way to run or recharge battery operated devices while in the field, at the beach, at a weekend retreat, or in the Outback - anyplace where your access to power is limited. The Sun Catcher series of products promises to bring a real world use for solar power to the consumer - in an easy to understand, easy to use way. All that is required to utilize the solar power output of any of the Sun Catcher Products, is a sunny day, a place to setup the system, and power conversion cables.

Works with: Over 350 portable computers, plus ... Digital recording equipment, Satellite Phones, Cellular Phones, Remote Monitoring Equipment, and just about any ohter battery operated device!

Interface: The Sun Catcher Professional, Expedition, Sport (nylon black case) and Executive (black leather case), provice a standard cigarette lighter style Interface. This means that any device you could normally plug into your auto's cigarette lighter socket, can now be run and/or recharged using solar power.

The durable and extremely efficient single and multi-crystalline cells incorporated into the Sun Catcher Professional and Expedition models are some of the best solar cells available, with an average lifespan of over 20 years. Encapsulated in a tough, epoxy/resin composite material, the panels are lightweight yet rugged.

Whether you're a mobile professional who doesn't always have an outlet handy, a friend of the Earth who doesn't like to draw from the coal-fired power grid, a researcher, student, frequent traveler, or explorer in the hinterlands,

- you can get all the power your computer needs - direct from the sun !


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