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the mobile temperature-controlled refrigerated container / a Swiss custom product / the alternative to fitting out with GRP

standard or custom manufacture for all transporters, box-type trucks, vans and minivans or on trailer platforms


- optimum price-performence ratio

- simple fitting and removal

- not tied to vehicle type

- mobil and stationary operation

- refrigerating set integrated in container

- fully hermetic refrigerating machines

- 230 V eutectic refrigeration or

- 12 V, 24 V, and/or 230 V direct evaporator

- constant output of up to - 40°C for stop+go with 12 V


Passive temperature control: (eutectic plate) +5° C

1.    Long-distance runs where door is opened infrequently

       (with 230 V eutectic temperture-control or refrigeration plate)

Active temperature control: (recirculation evaporator) +5° C

2.    Long-distance runs where door is opened infrequently 12/24 and/or 230 V

3.    Delivery runs where door is opened frequently 12/24 nd/or 230 V

Active refrigeration: (wall evaporator) -25° C - -40° C          

4.    Long-distance runs where door is opened in frequently 12/24 and/or 230 V

5.    Delivery runs where door is opened frequently 12/24 and/or 230 V



Build description

Self-contained sandwich construction, with high-grade PU insulation, CFC-free. External and internal surface consists of 2mm white (RAL 9010) body-dyed GRP cover layer. The bottom laminate is also reinforced with fabric and plywood. The container is sealed all round and edged externally with angle sections. An optimum,, compact design with integrated refrigerator.


All add-on parts such as lock, special hinges, screws and rivets are made of stainless materials. The espagnolette and hinges are fitted with maintenance-free slide bearings. The door seal consists of a surface-mounted double rubber section with cavity. There are defined fastening points at all four corners of the container for securing it in vehicles such as box-type trucks, vans and transporters or to a trailer platform

Refrigerating plant

- with eutectic plate (for temperature control and/or refrigeration)

The 230 V-refrigerating set with eutectic plate is integrated in the box in the form of a plug-in unit and does not protrude. The condensation water from the eutectic plate is collected in a drip tray and carried by hose into a canister or throug the vehicle floor. The box is precooled overnight (the desired temperature can be set on a thermostat) and will ensure perfect refrigation for the loaded chilled or frozen cargo for several hours.

- with recirculation evaporator (temperature control to +5°C)

The 12 V- (or 24 V) sets are integrated in the box in the form of a plug-in unit and do not pro-trude. The recirculation evaporator is fitted inside on the roof. Condensation water is handled in the same way as for the eutectic plate.

- with integrated wall evaporator (refrigeration to -30°C)

The 12 V (or 24 V) sets are integratet in the box in the form of a plug-in unit and do not protrude. The wall evaporators are built into the sandwich panels and so cannot be demaged. The 12/24 V version is powered by means of a special cable conected to an existing or additional battery (90-120A alternator)


In addition to the model illustrated above, LOGOBOX can be supplied in any size and with equipment of every conceivable kind, including shelves, doors which open through 270°, pallet bases, fast fixation, 2-compartment system, etc.

Custom refrigeration!


Order of catalogues:  info@scripta.ch